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W-ROBOT, the world leader in linear robot industry, focusing on designing, manufacturing, and total solutions of single axis robot, multi-axis robot, and catesinan robot systems. We always believe that technology changes industry, changes humans and determine the future.


Career Planning

  •   Exposure to the rapidly changing new economic era, the company always adhere to the new song by the people-oriented, common development concept, has been striving to build a conducive staff development plan provides employees with challenging work, play to their individual potential and achieve their personal values??, offers a wide range of space.
    Built by "technical experts, the management, marketing, development, senior technician" and promotion channel composition, combined with job requirements, so that there is management capability and smooth growth potential employees for managers, but also to devote themselves to study technology technical expertise of staff through their own efforts successfully grown into a professional expert / business areas for professional growth of staff provide a broad space.

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