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W-ROBOT, the world leader in linear robot industry, focusing on designing, manufacturing, and total solutions of single axis robot, multi-axis robot, and catesinan robot systems. We always believe that technology changes industry, changes humans and determine the future.


Talent Strategy

  •   Competition is the talent competition between enterprises, Weiluo Bo the company "vigorously to attract top talent, continue to enhance innovation capacity" for the purpose, as the first resource for business professionals. To train and retain qualified personnel, the introduction of talent, with good talent to ensure the full integration of qualified personnel to do.

    Efforts to create a competitive team of highly qualified personnel, challenges and innovative spirit, full of vigor and vitality, talent development to achieve strategic objectives, establishing high-tech company in the field of personnel。

  • 【Development principles】

    Adhere to the principle of high standards
    Core talent Heights is a high-level, high-quality, efficient use of personnel. Talents establish smooth channels, vigorously develop high-level talent for business development with strong adaptability and support nature. Solid theoretical foundation to focus on training, experience and outstanding performance of senior engineering and technical personnel and management personnel, the company formed a high-level personnel groups.

  • Adhere to the principle of training delivery times
    Follow the "long-term development, focus on training, in order to point" of personnel training strategy, focusing on the various personnel''s construction, take many forms, training methods and multi-channel, vigorously develop with the development of promising young talent, reserves subsequent human resources, enhancing development potential of the industry.

  • Adhere to market-oriented principles
    Accordance with the "beneficial talents gather conducive outstanding talent, talents play a beneficial role in" requirements, establish a sound corporate talent development system and operation mechanism. Improve and optimize the employment mechanism to configure the talent market demand, market mechanism development of talent, a talent resource library, implementation of dynamic management talent and promote top talent to the fore.

  • 【Adhere to market-oriented principles】
    Convergence of various types of scientific and technological elite, to seize the strategic high point talent, the creation of a comprehensive quality excellent, reasonable educational structure, adequate team of highly skilled professionals to provide a solid guarantee of talent and intelligence support for enterprises to achieve rapid development.

  • 【Development measures】

    Growth in Weiluo Bo
    Employees and businesses to achieve growth of the company has been the passionate, creative thinking with high potential and talent as a business''s most valuable asset, to create a high-quality, reasonable structure, a sufficient number of skilled, innovative, complex high quality personnel has been a top priority of business development planning. Growing and employees together to achieve the value of continuing to pursue the goal of a new song. Build mutual trust, mutual respect and cultural atmosphere, providing employees with career planning more opportunities and space to create the necessary conditions for technological innovation and management innovation staff, and outstanding performance and outstanding contributions to employees to be recognized and incentives, employee value and strive to achieve synchronization with the value of the company, employees and the company to grow and promote each other.

  • Achieve Weiluo Bo
    Improve the pay system, tailored career development plan, the company actively and steadily promote and improve the salaries, benefits and insurance systems, performance appraisal and compensation management to strengthen senior management. Healthy, helping difficulties, a number of major diseases such as welfare assistance, and effectively improve the level of protection for the working life of employees and retirees. Reference to the actual situation of consolidated employees and staff will, tailored personalized development plan. Each employee has developed its own soil, through the ability to manage jobs, employees SUS, training opportunities, internal flow system, the backbone of employee development programs, succession planning for key positions, leadership development programs for staff career development help.

  • Beyond their own
    Beyond expectations to achieve self-worth, the company is like a flying eagle in the sky, as if every employee only eagle feathers on the wings, hawk, is inseparable from the strong wings; eagle vacated, also with wings flying high. Companies willing to work with the staff common progress and common beyond, together write a new chapter for China''s automation industry.

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