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W-ROBOT, the world leader in linear robot industry, focusing on designing, manufacturing, and total solutions of single axis robot, multi-axis robot, and catesinan robot systems. We always believe that technology changes industry, changes humans and determine the future.



Robot Arm solves the problem of labor shortages.

In recent years, labor shortage has become gradually more perennial rather than periodical so that the function of our robot arm has become increasingly important in the field of industry production.  By using our robot arm which is the automatic production equipment that can operate and produce by delivering goods and manipulating machines according to the scheduled requirements, we can resolve the challenges from many aspects such as the high rate of workers drain, the shortened time of the date of delivery and the problems of safety and also largely improve the production rate ,lower the cost of production, stabilize or enhance the quality of our products and avoid the unnecessary loss caused by the mistakes of artificial manipulation.

·          Owing to its high precision and heavy load and the ability to do arbitrary trajectory control, the application of Robot Arm in automatic industry has become more and more intensive and most engineers are accustomed to using robot arm ,especially W-ROBOT Arm with its perfect coalesce of flexibility and stability, a result of our advanced technology and carefully-purchased raw materials and processing. With the strength to expand our market share, we will commit ourselves to mass-production and place more finished goods on the market. What we are doing now is to stock goods constantly in order to shorten the delivery circle.


Now there is a mature industry chain in the mechanical and electronic industry and robot arms as the upgrades with irreplaceable advantages of lead screw and guide rail, which devote to the speedy improvement of Shenzhen W-Robot Industry Co.,Ltd. We not only set up our self-owned Robot Arm brand W-ROBOT, but also establish a professional technical research and development team with more than 70 people and have the creativity and diversity of robot arm products. It is because of our competitive advantages that those people who deal with us, Shenzhen W-Robot Industry Co.,Ltd, will find new business opportunities as a result of negotiations.

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