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W-ROBOT, the world leader in linear robot industry, focusing on designing, manufacturing, and total solutions of single axis robot, multi-axis robot, and catesinan robot systems. We always believe that technology changes industry, changes humans and determine the future.


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Semienclosed Belt Model-ECBT22

Product Name:Semienclosed Belt Model-ECBT22
Product Description:
Description:  Precision  Common  Free-dust  Belt;  Taiwan  PMI  Linear  guide  rail;  Repeatability  positioning  accuracy  +/-0.05.

Precision Type-Fullyenclosed Ball Screw-S(P)(C)T10

Product Name:Precision Type-Fullyenclosed Ball Screw-S(P)(C)T10
Product Description:
Description:    Standard  Precision  Common  Dust-free/  Clean  Dust-free  Ball  Screw;  Taiwan  PMI  Grinding  ball  screw  with  C5  Class;  Repeatability  positioning  accuracy  +/-0.01.

Fullyenclosed Ball Screw Model-E(C)T6

Product Name:Fullyenclosed Ball Screw Model-E(C)T6
Product Description:
Feature  :
1.Fast  speed  and  High  accuracy   
2.Complete  selection  of  accessories  for  various  applications.
3.  Full-sealed  and  Short  lead  time
4.Easy  installation  &  maintenance

Ultra thin linear moduleQF20

Product Name:Ultra thin linear moduleQF20
Product Description:

Ultra thin linear moduleQF17

Product Name:Ultra thin linear moduleQF17
Product Description:

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