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Precision Type-Semienclosed Ball Screw-S(P)F8
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Description:Description:  Standard  Precision  Semi-enclosed  Ball  Screw;  Taiwan  PMI  Grinding  ball  screw  with  C5  Class  and  Guide  rail;  Repeatability  positioning  accuracy  +/-0.01.


SF Industrial Robot are actuated by a motor-driven ballscrew and is guided by a linear guideway. The stage base is a high stiffness design made of aluminum. It is suitable for semiconductor and industrial automation applications.


1.         Compact and high rigidity

2.         Dust-proof design

3.         High precision and fast speed

4.         Easy installation and maintenance

5.         Design Optimization and short lead time

6.         Complete selection of accessories for various applications.




The industrial Robots ET Type are equipped with a dust-proof strip to prevent wear particles from flying out. Because of the dust-proof design, this type of Linear Industrial Robot is ideal for the manufacturing of semiconductor equipment, LED examination equipment, medical equipment, etc.


1.         Forbidden to contact sliding seat and operate in safely working range when linear actuator is running. 

2.         Motor with brake should be installed to prevent products dropping down when ball screw (Z-axis)vertically applied,Belt should not be vertically applied as Z-axis.

3.         Resonance may occur when the working stroke is too long. The longer the stroke is ,the lower its maximum speed should relatively be.


1.         The frequency of lubricating oil supply is different on the basis of different working conditions and environments. In general case, we suggest to add oil when it runs 100km.

2.         It is necessary to use lubrication when operating linear module sliding table. If there is no sufficient lubrication in the table, fictional resistance may increase under operation ,which may be the main reason to shorten the lifetime of product.


1.         It is required to remove upper cover plate and connect up grease fitting to add proper oil when maintain and lour the standard linear sliding table.

2.         It is a normal phenomenon that the lubrication is uneven because of the limited inner space of standard linear sliding table.

3.         We can just connect up the grease fitting in both sides of sliding table to add oil without dismantling any components when we maintain the specification of the built-in oil system. 

4.         Built-in oil circuit system can ensure the even lubrication between each sliding rail and screw which is good for the maintenance of components. ¤ Oil circuit system is a optional installation system.  If there is any question , please do not hesitate to contact us.


operation without misuse or damage by human courses) in after the product has been delivered from our factory.


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